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Bringing ideas to life

Masterpieces is a pioneer for turning smart ideas into innovations! We support market leaders as well as start-ups along the entire value chain - from concepting to state of the art manufacturing. Together we bring ideas to life!


In working with Masterpieces, our customers get a dedicated partner that can help improve every stage of development from concept to commercialization. MAP has the expertise and the experience to offer smart solutions.


Your product requires a partner with profound experience in design, engineering and production.
MAP has all specialized experts on hand to deliver a one-stop-shopping solution.


MAP’s design team will support your ideas, advance them or even deliver alternative think models (if desired)
in order to get the most out of your vision.


Due to our profound expertise across all critical phases of product development and production we are proud to
say that our customers have nothing but best grades for us.


Education, experience and pooled knowledge is key to MAP’s recipe for sucess.
Count on top performance in every department – from design over tooling to manufacturing.


No matter where you want your product produced, MAP has a full range of top-certified
supplier all over the globe. We’ll allways advice you and show you your options.

From sketch to scale

Masterpieces has gathered profound expertise over the last three decades and evolved to a major market leader in the field of industrial production. A dedicated team of smart engineers and designers across three continents is constantly striving to find better solutions to stay ahead. HAT has the pooled know-how and technical capacity to offer a decisive advantage in every stage of a product ́s life.

Product Design

Our CAD designers will transform any sketch into a dimensional 3D model to be able to start detailed discussions about.

Tool Manufacturing

Masterpieces will select the perfect tool solution and manufacture it with state of the art technologies.

Added Value

If our product needs assembly let Masterpieces take care of it. Knowing every detail of your tool and product this.

Design Development

All you have to do is give us a brief of your vision – we will bring your thoughts on.

Tool Design

Masterpieces Tool design team will create the CAD data for your softtool and/or production tool in allignment with your experts.

Mass Production

Depending on the scale and sort of your project Masterpieces will manufacture, control and lead the mass production of your.

We are a one-stop shop OM-supplier

Industry expertise

Masterpieces produced a great variety of products and has been responsible for cutting-edge innovations. Our projects span throughout every industry – from consumer electronic products to medical appliances, from demanding injections moulding projects to packaging systems. Our expertise and experience support businesses to carry on their way to success:

Medical Packaging

Product Development

Innovative Display Tray

Medical product Massproduction

Printed 3D Effects

In-House Development

FIML Manufacturing

After Moulding Decoration


3D Leather Skin

Medical Dental and Ortho Massproduction

AMD Polstered Leather

Industrial Design

Medical Device Development and Massproduction

IML-Compatible Carbon

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Danzhutou Li Xin Road 113

KangShiDa 3rd Floor
Shenzhen 518112
Longang, China
+86 13760293096